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Heirs of the Promise of Abraham was taught during the spring of 2017 and is currently available on-line. Just pay a portion of the fee in the button below and email us at to let us know which course you desire. We will email you the contents of the notebook, including all copies of the Powerpoints used. Your email will be added to the YouTube recording of each class. It is there for your use where you can study at your convenience. It was an awesome class and we learned about the promises to Abraham and where and how they are fulfilled in our Lord Jesus Christ for us.

Institute by Extension: Heirs of the Promise

The Our God of the Covenants is an on-line course available to all students. If you choose to enroll, your email will be added to all the YouTube Video’s for this course, so you can study at your own pace. We will email all notebook data, PowerPoint presentations and handouts to you upon enrollment. This course was first taught in the The Psalm 19 Ministries’ Institute of Biblical Studies in the Fall of 2016.  

The obvious advantage of this type of study is that it can be done at any time and from any place. Do consider studying with us. Select your payment order, make the payment required and send your email to with a statement that you have enrolled. We will see that all is in order and begin to send material to you. 

Institute by Extension: Our God of Covenants

Extension Courses Presently Available:

Although Extension work is a bit removed from our classrooms, yet the dynamic of the anointing is still present in the lecture sessions. all Power Point presentations are sent as well as all relevant material used in class. So if you are not in our Syracuse, NY, USA area, please consider working with us by extension. The courses currently available for extension work were the two courses taught by Rev. Iris Godfrey during the Fall Semester 2015 and the Spring Semester 2016. They are listed below.

NCC Cover 2015 pic print

The New Creation Covenant I - an entirely new study working with moving our Christian thoughts and practices into our New Creation Covenant realities. Subjects covered are: What is the New Creation Covenant; Sonship; Indwelling Holy Spirit; Prayer; etc…. It is a course that will revolutionize your Christian walk as it fully examines why we do what we do and in what mind-set are we to live. It is a discovery beyond where any course has gone before. 

Corinthians Cover Full

I & II Corinthians - (New Creation Covenant II) from a New Creation Covenant Perspective is an entirely new course working with the elements accessed in the New Creation Covent above and seeing them revealed through the Holy Spirit in the Corinthian Church. We see that every problem they had was the result of their lack of understanding what the Lord had done among them. All corrective moves were back to the heart of Christ through the relationship of Sonship in our Father. The is an eye-opener in ever way.

To enroll, just click on the button below, pay the minimual fee, then send us an email telling us you have enrolled and need the course work sent to you. You will need to give us your mailing address. Once that is completed, we will get the course data to you and you will be able to have an open ended dialogue with Iris regarding any questions you may have. 

Price: $230 - Course Notebook including all assignments, Powerpoints, etc… ; DVD’s for all 12 Lessons + Regular tuition.

Institute by Extension: 1 & 2 Corinthians
Institute by Extension: New Creation Covenant

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